Soft Hands Strategy

Anything about Blackjack Soft and Hard Hands

There are always tricks beyond the constant position on a high hand and short position on a feeble hand. A high hand goes on 18 or superior otherwise a feeble hand goes on 10 or inferior. On the other hand, several players regularly require the blackjack advice on the strategy of playing squashy hands. In this article, we are discussing about some necessary tips to help you win the game.


What is a soft hand? Actually it can be used in several casino games, not only blackjack. It is any kind of hand including an ace that other cards completely smaller than 11. Because the ace only counts 1 or 11, any hand that the ace can calculate as 11 is called as soft hand. Otherwise a hard hand means a hand excluding an ace. It also holds a leading where other cards counting 11 or more.

House Hits on Soft 17

The players are not permitted to apply various blackjack strategy anchored in house rules. Commonly, the dealer will get a card when he grabs soft 17 on his hand. It lets a dealer to increase his own soft 17 into upgraded hand instead of staying with a feeble hand and permitting players improving the winning percentage.

House Stands on Soft 17

A crucial part of blackjack strategy to keep in mind is that the players have an insignificant advantage if the dealer stands on either hard 17 or soft 17. Normally, the soft hands tend to losing enhanced blackjack hands. If the dealer must surrender on improving the hand, the player should be able to take the chance because he is not restricted to the rule.

Basic Strategy

The tips of blackjack will be nothing without putting the essential blackjack strategy in the tips. Actually there are some valuable books giving clear and best advice including graphs and feature charts to clearly describe on how you can best play the soft hands excellently in the blackjack. One thing to notice is that the player should stand with soft twenty and soft 19 and take a card at soft seventeen or lesser. He can select twice over on the soft hands when the up card of the dealer is six or lesser.