Blackjack Basic Strategy

Actually, there are 3 groups of people, who play blackjack nowadays. The first one includes people, who rely on their sixth sense. Indeed, they make option of what action to take completely unconsciously. Sometimes they can win, but it happens really by chance.

The second group includes people, who are extremely concerned with this game. These people use some clear-cut strategies, what sufficiently increases their chances to succeed in the game. So, they rely rather on their skills than on luck.

The third group, which should be mentioned, consists of people, who use the so called card counting method to win in the game of blackjack and do not forget about blackjack basic strategy.

Some useful principles to follow

One thing is obviously clear - before starting to play online blackjack, one should get acquainted with some basic strategy playing principles. It should be said that there can be soft hand and hard hand in blackjack. A hard hand has nothing to do with the Ace or this Ace cannot be counted as 11 without busting. And vice versa, a soft hand indicates that you have an Ace in your hands and you can count this Ace as 11 points.

Besides, you should keep in your mind that up-card of the dealer is really of a great importance. If the up-card is 3-6, you have a great possibility to win. If the up-card is Ace, Face card, 2,9 or 10 you chances for win are lower.

A Bit of Theory

There exists such a theory that one should obtain 18.3 points on the average to win in blackjack. It means that 19 points are quite enough to succeed in an average game. In other words, if the dealer's up-card is 7,8,9 or 10, you have to hit if the quantity of your points is less than 17. Moreover, if you have 17, 18, 19, or 20, the only thing you should do is to stand and hope that the dealer has fewer points than you.

Card Counting

One more blackjack strategy is Card counting. The essence of it is to take notice of the cards, which were handed out. In such a case you will know what you have to do exactly: stand, hit or surrender.

It is also must be taken into consideration that one should not forget about basic blackjack tips. The first useful piece of advice is that one should choose a table very carefully. Also it is necessary to try to play your best. The following suitable principle of playing this game is managing bankroll before you sit to play. If you see that you lose all the time, it means that it is high time to leave the game.