Roulette Odds

Types of Roulette Odds

The wheel doesn't remember, so you shouldn't either. The most important thing to keep in mind about Roulette odds is that, no matter of Roulette betting system you study, the roulette will never change. If the wheel emerges red 10x in a line, it will never change the odds of the following spin.

The Wheel to Come first

Actually there is a factor which influences Roulette odds and the Roulette payments. The payment for a winning bet will be the same. The player owns higher advantage with European roulette wheel. It is different with American roulette wheel. The European roulette wheel brings particular bets on the payment.

Roulette Payouts

The simplest bets to place the outside bets and includes low, even, high, black, red and odd. The roulette percentage of this bets is lower than 50% but the roulette payment for most bets is even money. There are column bet and dozen bet where you can choose 12 number spans and the payment is 2 to 1

Roulette Payouts for Inside Bets

It applies surrounded by bets and includes wager which is located in a single number plus two adjacent numbers. The numbers and wager located at a junction including four numbers. These wagers seem inside the grid over roulette.

These five kinds of bets are effective to earn extra money. They catch the attention of players to play the roulette and get advantage from the game.