History of Online Casinos

History of Online Casinos

Life is progress, it was a matter of time before land-based casinos would move to virtual space, and they did. In 1994, thanks to Processing Zone Act and Free Trade in legislation area conditions were formed that made it possible to operate with virtual casinos.

First Online Casinos

First online casino Internet Casinos Inc. was launched on August 18th in 1995, offering 18 casino games to its customers (roulette, slots and others). Success of virtual casinos is due to estimable service with dissent client support, high level of security, dependable payouts and new way to gamble for people.

A significant turn for gambling sites is creation in 1996 the first online gaming and cash program and start of making bets with real money. Big change was also when in the end of 1990's live slots machines and multiplayer games became available. The possibility of playing and chatting with other people during the game drew more and more clients to online casinos.

First Winnings

Miracles happen! One player won a jackpot that made over 1,5 million dollars in online casino in 2002, which was first jackpot that big since gambling sites were developed. Another lucky player won an extremely prestigious poker tournament having just experience he got from virtual casino.

Online gambling industry has mainly been evolved from European and Asian countries as well as from Caribbean Islands where holding own gambling websites even government entered the business. In 2003 eCOGRA was created, that marked an area of new improved safety and security guidelines for online casinos. Same year the bill against online casinos that has already tried to come into force earlier make another try to restrain online gambling.

Today there is a huge amount of gambling-related websites with the overall market of approximately 49 billion dollars. It is a big segment that grows and widens, providing new products and services.